Jesus is too lazy to blog even if he has 50 pages of bullshit in an old-fashioned paper diary... fucking bastard !

What else was exciting about St Petersburg ? The best sight from the city is definitely at night, when the bridges open. We went for a night cruise on a trendy boat and the big city lights are simply magic.

St Pet Mafia

The weather was a bit shitty at some points. Hopefully, our welcoming comitee in St Petersburg (friends of Tanya from Hospitality Club) provided us some very useful rules :

  • drink vodka and beer. Otherwise your alcohol money will be blown in the wind.
    • if the weather is no good, take your friends and relax, drink (for example : vodka)
    • after good and tasty food you must sleep
    • if you feel like working, go to sleep. This feeling will disappear.
  • If you forgot any rules, call us !!

A big THANK YOU for St Petersburg mafia (Sash, Varvara, on the picture below) for the time you've spent with us. It was very precious.

St Pet Mafia