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Wednesday, June 27 2007

Leaving St Petersburg soon

Three days in St Petersburg and I still haven't found the time to geek properly and set up a nicer blog.

St Petersburg Bloody Church

We arrived on saturday for some kind of graduation ceremony where everybody was on the streets. It ended up quite beautifully with fireworks over the winter palace.

St Petersburg fireworks over Winter Palace

The next days, a few museums, bars, bla bla bla. Gotta run, but I'll write down a lot more bullshit on the train tonight.

Flamingo says hi. Flamingo png

Tuesday, June 26 2007

Blog finally online...yea!!!

This is the blog of a small part of BEST Stockholm going to Russia.

It all started with a cultural exchange we had in February with BEST group Ekaterinburg. We were supposed to go there and visit them. As our lives are a bit pointless, we are gonna go there by train and the craziest of us will continue until the end of the world.

Flamingo Stockholm

Back in Stockholm, we had a lot of histories with a nice plastic pink flamingo who came from nowhere, was stolen several times, and that we all would have been very sad to leave. So what the heck... we decided to carry it with us, hopefully till the end of the trip.

So stay tuned for the tremendous adventures of flamingo team !