We are about to leave Moscow but before I wanted to write stuff about the Lenin Hostel.

Lenin Hostel has just opened so it is the cheapest you can find in the city. Only ten euros a night. Mess The staff is also brand new and any new arrival makes them lose their common sense.

There is a cat but he is brand new as well so he doesn't know yet to shit in his litter.

If you are very persuasive you can get some blankets for your bed.

The overall equipment is brand new and already destroyed; we stayed 3 days and witnessed the destruction of half of the hotel equipment. Today, we don't even have water because one pipe was destroyed in the building. We'll stink for 2 days in the train !!! Cat BUT but but :

At Lenin Hotel at least, you feel at home. You feel as much as a customer than a receptionist. You can choose your bed. You can use the owner's computer; you can pay yourself directly at the cash machine. And at Lenin Hostel there are a lot of crazy backpackers on the transsiberian Moscow stop like us.

Go to Lenin Hostel ! Fast ! In a few days it will disappear.