Saturday was the big day for Mario. He first decided to test the Czech railways and took a 40 minutes trip to a touristic place in the south-west of Prague, called Karlstejn. This trip was the occasion to meet fins speaking swedish and disturb them in their discussion about Czech beer they were drinking. Finally arrived, was it time to discover a castle surrounded by shops selling shit like samurai swords, shuriken or other weapons that are sharp enough to cut a flamingo into pieces and have -stricly- no relation with the medieval town it is supposed to be. Anyway, after this pleasant start and the trip back to Prague allowed Mario to watch the football match Sweden-Spain on a big screen in the middle of the old town. Of course there were many Swedes there, including a bunch of funny guys wearing the swedish colors and supporting their team vigorously, screaming "Zlatan Ibrahimovich" and "Sverige" while drinking countless cans of beer. Mario got a Swedish cap there and supported his (adopted) national team with them, before leaving for other crazy adventures. After a couple of beers, the traveling bird heard of a "free museums night" taking place exactly this evening, so that was the opportunity to visit the National Museum and look for his colleagues taht will never be able to travel anymore. Hopefully we found a flamingo! Except that the 60 years old guards did not appreciate us to wander in the museum with a flamingo on the back that attracted the tourists more than the actual exhibitions. But we could take a family picture anyway. Free the flamingos!!!