Out of these bad luck options, check out the best ones :

  • crossing the border 30 minutes too late, miss the last bus to Beijing and be forced to stay 23 hours in a crappy chinese border town,
  • arriving to Beijing and figure out that we brought half of the Gobi sand with us, so that the sky is yellowish and totally foggy even if there are no clouds at all (yeah, every winter, the sand reaches Beijing because of desertification in the west),

Sandy Fog Beijing

  • planning a great trip to the Great Wall : go to Jinsanling, camp overnight in a tower, then trewk to Simatai (10 km walk); instead of this, being blocked on the road by some traffic jam (yeah, Chinese drivers are the worst in the world, far worse than russian ones : when the cars in front of them are slowing down because of the jam, their reaction is to occupy the left hand side of the road, and consequently, after 2 minutes, everything is totally blocked for hours), so finally deciding to go to Simatai for starting point instead (then the trek would be ascending, not descending)
  • arriving too late to Simatai, trying to reach the wall, but being blocked by 20 chinese "security" claiming that is forbidden to sleep in the wall (only to redirect us to the hostels); finally, camp in a crappy corn field;
  • having your poor travelmate (ie Jesus) getting awfully sick during the night (yeah, I transmitted it to him) and totally out of energy the next morning, then finally walk 1km instead of the 10 planned...


Just kidding, Beijing is great (flamingo says).

Flamingo with Mao

Flamingo Great Wall