Flamingo with Chingiis Khan

After 8 hours of border crossing and one more night in the train, we arrived in Ulaanbaatar in early morning on July 20th. We were captured by a minivan of UB Guest House, which is the equivalent of Lenin Hostel in Moscow (regarding that a lot of people we met in the hostel had been in Lenin in Moscow... some of them even remembered the ad for the website I put in the toilet).

We went to an organised tour to a national park close (one hour) to the city where we slept in gers (traditional mongolian nomadic houses) and did horseriding. We were with the finnish crows (Vostoknauts), and back in UB they bought Jesus sangria ingredients to celebrate last night with them.

Then we decided to reach the border by ourselves, so we took the train to Sainshand, in the Gobi desert (almost the less populated area on Earth !). So what do we have in the Gobi ?

Lizard :


Mongolian camel :

Mongolian camel

Buddhist stuff :

Buddhist stuff

But mostly nothing.

We took an almost broken jeep with an almost blind driver to reach the border, and now we're in China, on our way to Beijing.

Deadly jeep